Ultra Kleen

Heavy Duty Multi-Purpose Cleaner/ Degreaser


Product Documents

An extreme-duty, water-based cleaner / degreaser with enough strength to replace even heavy solvent cleaners, Ultra Kleen is the most powerful degreaser in Krown’s premium cleaning product line.


• Extreme-duty concentration
• Powerful enough to replace Acid based washes in some cases
• Solvent-free


• Industrial Cleaning
• Engine Degreasing
• Equipment and Parts Cleaning
• Floor Cleaning
• Plant and Factory Cleaning

Dilution Ratio

Extreme Duty      3:1-10:1
Heavy Duty  10:1-120:1
Medium Duty       60:1-200:1

Order Number

4L/ 1 gal.          1307

20L / 5 gal.        1308

205L / 55gal.       1309

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