Power Kleen

Heavy Duty Multi-Purpose Cleaner/ Degreaser


Product Documents

Power Kleen quickly dissolves and emulsifies heavy grease, diesel soot, insects, and many other soils. As Krown’s most powerful degreaser, Power Kleen features 21 active ingredients designed to attack the widest range of soils possible.

• Lightning fast grease and oil breakdown
• Powerful cleaning even in lower dilutions
• Diverse cleaning abilities
• High concentration


• Floor and wall cleaning
• Parts cleaning
• Engine degreasing
• Much more

Dilution Ratio

* Retail bottle comes pre-diluted.

Heavy Duty        10:1
Recommended  30:1
Light Duty        120:1

Order Number

650mL/ 22 fl oz  1551

4L/ 1 gal.      1204

20L / 5 gal.     1203

205L / 55gal.    1202

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