Over 37 Years of Industry-Leading Rust Protection
& Maintenance

Since 1986, Krown has been developing proven solutions to lower costs by reducing downtime and lengthening the lifecycle of vehicles and equipment.

About Krown Industrial

Krown has been a leader in corrosion control since 1986.  With a vast network of over 350 automotive service centers Krown has been treating vehicles across Canada, Northeastern USA, and Eastern Europe for many thousands of our loyal customers.

Providing value in the industrial and commercial markets has become a key focus for Krown.  Krown is providing high quality and sustainable maintenance products to keep factories and manufacturing facilities running efficiently. 

Additionally, Krown’s line of corrosion control products help our customers to deliver corrosion free end products through storage, shipping and on site use.

Krown is trusted by tens of thousands of customers with some of their most valuable assets.  Are you one of them?  Join growing number of users who rave about what Krown has done for their bottom line by helping them run more safely, efficiently and with less down time.