Bio Kleen

Biological Soil Remover


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Bio Kleen uses a live oil-digesting bacteria to remove oil-based soils and stains. Unlike many harsh cleaners, Bio Kleen is gentle on the environment and biodegradeable.


• Biodegradeable and eco-friendly
• Bacteria only activates with water for longer storage time
• Removes oil-based stain from concrete, ashpalt, paving stone, and more


• Cleans excess Krown from various surfaces
• Eats away/ digests oil stains
• Vehicle interiors
• Tornador interior detailing gun

Dilution Ratio

Heavy Duty        10:1
Recommended  30:1
With Tornador Gun  5:1

Order Number

4L/ 1 gal.              1232

20L / 5 gal.          1233

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