Brute Force

Heavy Duty Multi-Purpose Cleaner/ Degreaser


Product Documents

Brute Force is a user-friendly cleaner/ degreaser that quickly dissolves and emulsifies heavy grease, diesel soot, grime, insects, and many other soils. Additionally, pre-clean heavily soiled areas before vehicle wash and quickly remove insects and road tar from vehicle surfaces.

• User-friendly formula
• Fast grease and oil breakdown
• Powerful cleaning even in lower dilutions
• High concentration


• Floor and wall cleaning
• Parts cleaning
• Engine degreasing
• Much more

Dilution Ratio

Heavy Duty        3:1-10:1
Medium Duty  10:1-30:1
Light Duty /
Wash Bucket       250:10400:1

Order Number

4L/ 1 gal.        1247

20L / 5 gal.      1248

205L / 55gal.      1249

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