KP53 Penetrant


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The most important tool in your repair kit. KP53 solvent free penetrating oil breaks apart rusting and seized parts faster than you thought possible.  KP53 provides ultimate performance without using unsafe and unhealthy solvents.  Odor free this penetrant will do the job quickly, safely and without the risk of damage to your equipment. Does not contain silicone.

• allows for repair and maintenance without concern of contamination
• safe for use with all metals and electrical systems
• fast, effective penetrating action greatly outperforms other food approved penetrants
• Food grade approved throughout North America
• breaks through rusted and seized parts for easy teardown

• Locks and key cylinders
• Hinges (doors/trunks)
• Battery terminals/plug-ins
• Chains, brake cables, power antennas
• Sliding doors and windows
• Tracks on garage doors

Part #

400g aerosol – 51400

4l/1g jug – 54004

20l/5g pail – 54020

205l/45g drum – 54205