KLFSM Chain Lube

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KLFSM is a solvent-free product designed to substantially enhance chain life while reducing wear and friction. Safe for self-lubricating chain, KLFSM will reduce corrosion and help to keep debris from sticking and causing costly repair and downtime.By reducing friction and wear, KLFSM lowers energy consumption and increases productivity. KLFSM is engineered for high-heat applications and is ideal for use in gravity feed chain lubrication systems.

• Roller chain
• Large & small pitch chain
• Conveyor chain
• Wire rope
• High heat chain
• Open gears

• Food grade approved throughout North America
• extreme resistance to wash out
• will reduce energy consumption
• can be sprayed, brushed or applied by automatic lube system
• excels in harsh environments such as heavy load, high speed and high contamination
• will reduce noise, wear and downtime
• contains no solvents and no heavy metals such as molybdenum or graphite

Order Numbers
Aerosol KLFSM400
4L/ 5 gal. KLFSM4
20L/ 5 gal. KLFSM20
205L/ 55 gal. KLFSM205

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