Bio Odour

Natural Biological Odour Remover


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Bio Odor uses a unique, natural way to kill organic based odours using non-pathogenic bacteria. Once the odor source has been neutralized, Bio Odor leaves behind a pleasant, fresh fragrance.

*For maximum effectiveness, the Bio Odour MUST be mixed with water. Make small batches at a time to avoid wasting product. Discard after 24 hrs. once product is activated with water.

• Natural, bacteria-based odor removal
• Eliminates odor at the source
• Simple spray and walkaway application
• Fresh fragrance


• Vehicle interiors
• Offi ce and worksite areas
• Carpets and rugs

Dilution Ratio

Heavy Duty        1:1
Recommended  5:1
Light Duty          20:1

Order Number

4L/ 1 gal.              1393

20L / 5 gal.          1394

205L / 55gal.       1396

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