Mining Equipment and Machinery

Krown lubricants and penetrants are used to lengthen the lifecycle of machinery and equipment by preventing corrosion and lubricating moving parts. 

Safe and Effective.

Safety is your #1 priority and so is ours.  With no solvents in the KL73, KP53 and KLFSM products, Krown can become your safe option for maintenance and protection.  KLFSM Extreme Duty Chain Lube features a non-flammable aerosol propellant, making it perfectly suited to even the most extreme environments.  

Lasting Rust Protection.

For use at the surface or in the mine, Krown’s products will protect heavy machinary, raw steel, electrical, wire rope, elevator controls,  HVAC and power equipment. Contact us today for a sample of your new favorite product.

Add Krown To Your Maintenance Program.

For more information on Krown’s premium products contact a distributor near you.