Krown. Our Beginning.

Krown Rust Control opened in 1989 as a one shop rust proofing center for cars and small
trucks. As the products gained recognition the company grew and established a name as the
industry leader in quality corrosion control. By the year 2000 Krown had grown to over 180
shops and had made as many as 6 product improvements over that time. Now, in 2007 Krown
has over 240 corrosion control centers across Canada and into the northern United States.
Krown has also developed strong partnerships through the industrial line with some well
known manufacturers such as Volvo, Mack, and International trucks among others.

In 1997, Freeman Young, President of Krown saw fit to start a new branch to the expanding Krown
brand. In line with the idea of continued growth, Krown Industrial was started in the fall of 1997.
The purpose of Krown Industrial was to service a more diverse range of customers and to fill an
important need in the Canadian industrial market, to help eliminate the damaging effects of corrosion.

In Canada, more than $250 million of costs are attributed to corrosion problems each year and
in the United States that number exceeds $25 billion. By introducing Krown's corrosion control
products in the manufacturing, mining, marine, food processing, pulp and paper, and raw steel
sectors. Krown has played a key role in reducing and in some cases eliminating the destructive
effects of corrosion and the associated costs of repair, replacement and down time.

In 2007, Krown also released a new line of environmentally friendly, bio-degradable soaps to
compliment their line of environmentally friendly, solvent-free corrosion inhibitors, lubricants,
and penetrating oil. Click on the "Request A Sample" link to try one of Krown's great products